Getting the HPV Test

Key points for getting the HPV test

  • If you are under 30, you don’t yet need routine HPV testing. However, check with your doctor or nurse to make sure he or she will instruct the lab to automatically do the HPV test if your Pap result is inconclusive or abnormal. The good news is that this is a widespread practice in the United States, although it helps to double check.
  • If you are over 30, most experts now recommend that you get an HPV test whether or not your Pap is normal. However, many doctors and nurses are not yet ordering the HPV test for all their patients over 30. It’s a good idea to call the office before your annual appointment to request the HPV test along with your Pap. Then, remind him or her when you go in for your appointment. 
  • Most insurance companies pay for both uses of HPV testing. 
  • The decision to get an HPV test is one that you can make for yourself. If you have decided you want the test after reviewing this Web site and other information, but your doctor or nurse says it’s not necessary, it's OK to say that you still want the HPV test "for extra peace of mind." 
  • Whatever your age, make sure that you are informed of all of your test results. Don’t assume that no news is good news!