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Reimbursement Overview

The digene HPV Test* is universally reimbursed in the United States for ASC-US reflex testing, and rapid progress has been made to gain broad coverage for primary adjunctive screening in women 30 and older. To date, more than 225 million lives are covered for primary adjunctive screening across insurance plans nationwide. 

 Covered Lives

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Recommendations from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), American Cancer Society (ACS), and Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) state that women who have negative results on both the Pap and HPV tests are at virtually no risk of developing cervical disease or cancer for up to three years. However, there is currently no threat to reimbursement for annual exams and appropriate cervical cancer screening as determined by the provider. Payers support the annual visit and will continue to pay for it whether or not a Pap is performed. In addition, in the vast majority of cases, the reimbursement for an annual visit is not impacted by whether or not a Pap is performed.

In this section, QIAGEN provides reimbursement information supporting HPV testing, including which insurance companies currently offer coverage for primary screening and which labs offer HPV screening. Your local QIAGEN representative can provide you with more detailed information regarding the payers in your area.

For general questions or to request local reimbursement information, please e-mail QIAGEN at Be sure to provide your name, phone number, city and state.

For coverage and coding questions, verification of individual benefits or claim support, please call the QIAGEN Reimbursement Hotline* at 1-866-895-1HPV or click here.

* "The digene HPV Test" was approved by the U.S. FDA and is also known to laboratories and physicians as the "hc2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test®" and "DNAwithPap® Test." This does not refer to the Digene product that tests for several types of the virus commonly referred to as "low-risk HPV," which are not associated with cervical cancer.