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Patient management based on HPV status

Reimbursement Hotline

  • The QIAGEN HPV Test Hotline is a free, confidential service that provides general and customized insurance and reimbursement information regarding the digene HPV Test.

  • A single phone call can put patients and/or providers in contact with a benefit specialist specially trained to:

    • Verify patient benefits.
    • Research denied claims.
    • Facilitate claims appeals and resubmissions.
    • Answer general coverage and coding questions.
    • Provide resources to use when advocating for better coverage policies.
  • Provide resources for coverage advocacy.

Copies of the reimbursement hotline card are available for your offices. Click here to order.

View the entire reimbursement hotline card (PDF).


You may also e-mail reimbursement questions/concerns to QIAGEN at Please provide your name, phone number, city and state in the e-mail, along with a description of your reimbursement questions.

*Important Information about the QIAGEN Reimbursement Hotline: The QIAGEN Reimbursement Hotline is not affiliated with any laboratories or insurance companies. The hotline cannot pay for or reduce patient bills, advocate for the reduction or elimination of patient bills, or give specific coding advice. Coverage for the digene HPV Test varies by patient and is subject to contracting, deductibles and other benefit restrictions. The hotline cannot guarantee payment for a denied claim.