Medical Education & Meetings

Accredited Continuing Medical Education

QIAGEN supports a range of CME programs to educate healthcare professionals about the role of HPV testing in cervical cancer screening and the annual visit. These events take place around the country at hospitals, academic centers and other venues such as professional society meetings.

Via unrestricted educational grants, QIAGEN supports the following CME activities:

Law and Medicine

Law & Medicine
Law & Medicine is an ACCME-accredited provider that develops, delivers, and measures certified education for physicians. You are invited to participate in a complimentary online CME program on Mitigating Risks in Gynecologic Care from Law and Medicine that is designed to help you identify and reduce common medical–legal risks in outpatient gynecologic care. In the 35-minute audio presentation, Dr. Victor Cotton discusses a series of clinical scenarios involving common medical and legal risks in outpatient gynecologic care, including cervical cancer screening. He will also demonstrate how the standard of care is defined in each situation, and then discuss how to deliver it in a manner that is both medically and legally sound. This CME activity is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from QIAGEN.

Omnia Education, Inc.
Omnia Education, Inc. is an ACCME-accredited provider that develops, delivers, and measures certified education in women's health. With ACCME designation of Exemplary Compliance in Needs Assessment and CME Activity Evaluation and Improvement, Omnia interventions are needs-based and patient-focused, and designed to improve practitioner performance and patient outcomes. For example, Omnia’s new initiative, is a unique and comprehensive program of study on human papillomavirus (HPV) designed to help practitioners better understand and utilize established national guidelines as measured by self-assessment. From screening and prevention to treatment and counseling, the intent of the overall program is to close relevant educational gaps and improve patient outcomes.  Access Omnia programs online at and

PRIME Education, Inc. (PRIME®) :

PRIME®, Inc. is a nationally recognized provider of ACCME-accredited courses for family practitioners and other related specialties. PRIME® offers two free interactive online courses that provide detailed information about HPV co-testing.

Module 1 - Exploring the Spectrum of HPV-Related Disease

Module 2 - Guidelines-Based Management of HPV & Cervical Cytological Abnormalities


QIAGEN at Medical Meetings

QIAGEN exhibits at major medical meetings throughout the year to answer questions and share information. At this time, QIAGEN has reserved booth space at the following medical meetings:

EUROGIN conference,
November 3-6, 2013
Florence, Italy

29th International Papillomavirus Conference (IPV),
August 20-25, 2014