Patient Education & Counseling


It is important that patient education accompanies HPV testing. Patients can be effectively counseled about HPV testing and its results in a short amount of time, if the appropriate information is shared. This section is designed to help you counsel your patients regarding HPV testing and their HPV status, and provides educational materials for you to share with your patients to facilitate your discussions.

These counseling tools are available for you to download and print. Or, click here if you wish to order a supply of brochures, etc.

Counseling Tools for You

HPV Information for Your Patients


HPV brochure for all ages:

Designed to educate women about HPV, its link to cervical cancer and what they need to do to prevent it, QIAGEN's educational brochure explains the difference between the Pap and the HPV tests, as well as who should get the HPV vaccine.


Detailed HPV information sheet (PDF), including explanation of what the different possible test results mean.