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HPV Test Educational Brochures and Benefits Coverage Information

In this section of the Web site you’ll find an informative brochure about HPV, Pap and HPV testing, and the HPV vaccine in English and Spanish, along with a customizable letter you can use if your health plan says it doesn’t cover HPV testing (which doesn’t happen very often)

HPV Test Educational Brochures

Below are informative brochures about HPV, HPV testing and your annual “well woman” health exam to read, print or link to.

Educational Brochure

The brochure is a great resource for educating yourself before a gynecologic appointment or to pass along to other women. Download and print it to read at your convenience.

Want to share these with your moms club, book club, or other community group? Click here to request copies of these materials.

Request Insurance Coverage

If your health plan does not cover HPV testing (which doesn’t happen very often), use this sample letter to request HPV testing coverage through your company’s Human Resources benefits manager.