Creating a MySpace or Facebook page is easy!


  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Upload your desired photo(s).
  3. Verify your e-mail address as instructed.
  4. Invite friends to join MySpace (For example, you can upload your e-mail address book and ask your friends to join you in spreading the word about HPV and HPV testing.).
  5. Have fun! Begin sending messages, posting comments and adding friends.


  1. On the registration page, you first need to enter your name, e-mail address, password and birthday:
  2. Enter the security-check word in the box.
  3. Next, choose which kind of network you want to join: high school, college, work, etc. If you choose high school, then you will need to enter some other information.
  4. Read and agree to the terms of service, then click on "Register Now!".

Here are some suggestions for content you could post on your page:

  1. Bulletins that link to e-cards, Take the Test bracelet, myth vs. fact quiz, and the Ob-Gyn appointment reminder.
  2. HPV test success story and cervical cancer survivor testimonials.
  3. A blog that features your personal experiences with HPV. (MySpace offers a special feature that allows you to create your own blog.) You can include content from’s Mothers and Daughters and In the News sections. You can also copy and paste selected content from the site’s FAQ pages on HPV, cervical cancer, etc.
  4. Notices of any events you will be participating in, such as a local cancer walk or other activity. MySpace Events allows you to post a notice and invite other members.
  5. Start a discussion about HPV in the Health and Fitness forum on MySpace, or create and invite other members to join an HPV/cervical cancer awareness group.