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Educate your Twitter followers about cervical cancer prevention in 140 characters or less. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

• Cervical cancer starts with a virus. Did you know it can be detected with a test?

• Cervical cancer is preventable. Its cause is known: HPV. Learn about HPV testing, Pap & vaccination

• If You Find Out You Have High-risk HPV, What Does That Mean & What Happens Next?

• You CAN protect yourself from cervical cancer. Age 30+? Learn about HPV testing with your Pap

• You've heard about HPV vaccination for your learn about HPV testing for yourself.

• Access easy print-n-read materials on cervical cancer prevention:

• Women age 30+ need to proactively ASK for an HPV test, Good Housekeeping says in "The Test You're Not Getting"

• Almost all women (and men) will have HPV at some point but very few women will develop cervical cancer. More HPV info

• What men should know about HPV -

• Get answers to your questions: an “FAQ” on HPV

• What's your baseline knowledge on HPV & cervical cancer prevention? Take this interactive myths/facts quiz-

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