Track Your Test Results

You Can Take Greater Control of Your Health by Always Being Aware of What Tests You are Having and What They Tell You

One way to do this is to keep a complete record.

Record the dates of your Pap and HPV tests, the results and follow-up steps. Also record when it's recommended that you repeat the tests. It is easier to keep all of this information organized in one place, along with information on other tests you need to have, such as breast exams.

You may want to use "Test Results at a Glance (PDF)."

This chart will not only help you track the tests you have received, it also will help you remember to follow up with your doctor or nurse to get your results.

Remember: No news is not necessarily good news! If you do not hear from your doctor's office, always follow up to find out the results of your HPV and Pap tests, or any other test for that matter. Don't be shy about asking for a copy of the actual report from the lab. In addition, ask your doctor or nurse to explain what the results mean if you don't understand them.

You can also use this chart to keep notes or write down questions that you want to ask your doctor or nurse at the next visit.

Your notes and records will help your doctor, nurse or other members of your healthcare team take good care of you, and assure that you remain an active, informed partner. Also, you will have all of this information easily available, in one place, if you have to see another healthcare professional or want to switch to a different practice.

Take action to protect your health!