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The HPV testing information in this Web site is written for U.S. residents.

If you live outside of the United States, the approved uses for the HPV test (human papillomavirus test) and the extent to which the cost is reimbursed by the government or individual health plans may be different.

The HPV Test for Canadians:

HPV testing is not currently paid for by the national health program, although many experts are working to change that. (You can help in that effort by making sure your employer and physician are aware that you want access to the HPV test, so they can use their influence to encourage its inclusion in the national health plan.)

However, many companies offer their employees supplemental coverage for lab tests, which can be used to pay for HPV testing. If you, or your partner, are employed, ask the appropriate human resources contact if your company offers such lab coverage. If your company does not offer supplemental lab coverage, or if you are not employed, you can still get the HPV test, but you would have to pay out of pocket - most likely about $80 Canadian. Just keep in mind that if testing shows you do not have the HPV virus, you only need to be re-tested every three years.

To locate a physician who has the necessary information and materials to collect a sample of cervical cells and order the test for you, contact one of the national labs listed below:

Gamma-DynaCare (905-790-3000)
MDS Laboratories (416-675-6777)


Contact us to determine if HPV testing is available in your country. We will forward your question to the appropriate regional office.