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This Web site was created to educate women about HPV and cervical cancer. On this site you’ll find lots of facts about HPV, cervical cancer and HPV testing guidelines. However, while medical and other factual information is critical to informing women about taking charge of their health, there’s nothing like personal stories from women who have “been there."

In this section of the Web site, read and watch video testimony of women who give thanks every day that their doctors ordered an HPV test for them, because it enabled early detection and less radical treatment. One of these women, Jodi McKinney, is now appearing on TV in an HPV test ad designed to educate other women – and their healthcare providers – about the potential lifesaving role of the digene HPV Test.

You’ll also hear from women who were diagnosed with cervical cancer before the HPV test was available, despite normal Pap results. Now, they want other women to benefit from the new ways to prevent cervical cancer, including the HPV test.