Bonnie Diraimondo's Story

“Because I found so many websites containing erroneous information regarding HPV….I personally created my own.”

span quote leftFor more than 20 years, I’ve battled HPV-related cancers. I’ve survived cancer of cervix, vagina, and vulva. I still continue to deal with recurrences of anal cancer. HPV underlies many of these cancers, and as a trained nurse, I’ve aimed to understand the link between HPV and cancers, the evolving research, and to make sure that women and physicians can make the most of preventive measures that are available today.

In my own experience, I found health websites – and even health providers themselves – to have inaccurate or incomplete information about HPV. It is discouraging that, even after the 20 years following my initial HPV diagnoses, that many women who I speak with still know very little about HPV. In fact, I learned from first-hand experience that many doctors and nurses often know very little too!

I realized that there was a huge opportunity to share my own experience – and my training as a nurse – to educate others, women and health care providers alike, about HPV and its link to cancer. In an attempt to fill this gap, I am now a vocal advocate for HPV testing and vaccination. I blog regularly on HPV and cancer for EmpowerHer – a women’s health online resource. I built my own blog and Website, Any Mother’s Daughter, to educate others about HPV and cancer. Now, I am in the process of writing a book, also titled Any Mother’s Daughter, which will share my own HPV and cancer experiences and provide information for anyone diagnosed with HPV, as well as their friends, family and even health care providers.span quote right

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